Monday, November 19, 2012

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Monday, October 25, 2010


Our top selling masturbation sleeve is extremely stretchy to please men of all sizes. Modeled after a real vagina, Gigi is lined with ribbing for extra pleasure and completely reversible for cleaning.
(1 - Glow in the dark available)
(2 - As shown in photo available)

Was $29.00
Now $14.50

Triple Tickle Dolphin

Dive into the thrill of triple excitement. Waterproof dolphin-shaped vibrator features a second dolphin with a fluttering tail for clitoral stimulation and a tickling bill for anal enjoyment. 5 1/2" length, 1 1/4" diameter.
(1 available)
Was $22.00
Now $11.00

Blossom Bliss

These petals are designed to please. Hands-free, silicone vibrator with removable bullet and multi-speed dial. Waterproof. 3" length, 3/4" diameter.
(1 available)
Was $22.50
Now $11.25

Glitter Gel Shine - 75% OFF

Decorate your body, hair or clothes with glitter. Jar includes 4 bold colors Gold, Silver, Red and Blue. *Note that photo is of pastale colors not bold that is available. 2 ounces
(2 available)
Was $12.00
Now $3.00

Passion Body Tape

Create new possibilities in your lovemaking with 60 feet of stretchy, shiny red body tape made from a special PVC vinyl that sticks to itself without adhesive, making it skin-safe and reusable. Perfect for all your fun adventures. 1 7/8" wide.
(1 available)
Was $10.00
Now $5.00

Tasty Tease

Enhance the sensations of oral pleasure with this flavorful, exciting cream. Can be used topically all over the body. 1 ounce
(2 available in Strawberry)
Was $7.50
Now $3.75

Nipple Nibblers

Surprise your lover with flavor where least expected. Provides a tingling sensation. Can also be used on the lips for a tasty kiss. 2 ounces
(2 available in Raspberry)
(2 available in Watermelon)
(1 available in Strawberry)
Was $9.50
Now $4.75

Personal Finger Smitten

Slide this soft, pliable massager directly on your finger or onto a slim toy, and the specially textured nubs add stimulation when applying lubrication, G-Spot creme or Pure Satisfaction. One size fits most. Reusable and waterproof for water fun. Pack of two
(3 available)
Was $10.00
Now $5.00

Thursday, July 22, 2010

RomantaTherapy G-Spot Creme

Passion Parties' exclusive new G-Spot Creme produces a stimulating, tingling effect to inspire sensual excitement in the G-Spit. The rich ingredients interact with your G-Spot to promote a higher awareness of sexual sensitivity, enabling greater sexual pleasure. Formulated with just the right balance of ingredients to influence a woman's sexual response, G-Spot Creme is pH balanced, water soluble and condom friendly. G-Spot Spot Creme was designed for women by women to instill a positive level of confident sexual awareness, while proving the internal stimulation their bodies crave. 1 ounce(1 available)
Was 29.50
Now $14.75